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Goes Down Easy
Sam/Dean, 2,515 words, NC-17
Sam and Dean deal with a fire spirit.

So here’s the thing Dean hates about Sam’s new powers: sometimes he just feels a little bit useless. )
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Walking Down a Dead End
Sam/Dean, 2,650 words, PG-13
Not at all compliant with the fourth season.

'Split up?' Dean had said, wiping the grease from his tacos onto a napkin. 'Like, you wanna go talk to her girlfriend while I break into the storage building?' )
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[ profile] spn_summerlove reveals are out! I wrote two stories:

Trouble Sleeping, for [ profile] evenasiwander
John/Mary, 1,273 words, R/NC-17

'Don't, John,' says Mary, laughing. It echoes in the empty parking lot.

Cicatrice Road, a pinch-hit for [ profile] that_september
Dean/Kaylee, Firefly crossover, 1,680 words, PG

Kaylee's only loved one other man besides Simon: notorious thief, ladies' man, and space cowboy Dean Winchester.

Lots of other great fic there, too- I'll be doing a rec post some time in the next few days.
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Prime of Life
Sam/Dean/Bela, 2050 words, NC-17

Bela joins up with Sam and Dean a few months before their deals come due. There are a few perks.

'Go on,' Sam says to his brother. Dean's hesitating by Sam's side, looking at her, leaning back against the closed motel door. )
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The Apple Tree
Sam/Dean, brief Sam/OCs, 4255 words, NC-17

Title from the Peter and the Wolf song of the same name.

When Dean realizes he can read minds, the first thing he does is double check that the waitress he's pretty sure is eyeing him isn't into any funny business. )
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Folly, Sam/Dean, around 1,300 words, NC-17
Coda to 3x01- "The Magnificent Seven"- Dean's pissed off and pissing Sam off.

After they burn the bodies of the Sins in Lincoln, Dean slams the Impala's door harder than is strictly necessary. )
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