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Yeah, I have not been around. It sucks a little, but I promise I was at least achieving my life goal of watching all 21 seasons of the Simpsons. January 1 next year, I officially get to lay down crazy RL stuff and come back, I have SWORN. Anyways:

Yuletide writer, you are awesome already and I am so psyched. ETA: You're also extra awesome for finding this entry, since I totally fucked up the link in my prompts. Sorry!

Please know that these are just general guidelines if you want them, not rules, and I'm really flexible about what I enjoy in fic, so if you want to go a different direction that you're passionate about, that's really cool by me.

Some of my general likes and dislikes: I love backstory, people secretly pining, fandom cliches like marriages of convenience, dysfunctional relationships with happy endings, misunderstandings that make people feel bad but could be solved with like ten seconds of honest talking, funny stories, smutty stories, women who are well-adjusted and mostly happy, casual not-world ending romances, codependency, outsider POV. I also enjoy slash, femslash, het and gen, so feel free to include any of the above (and feel totally free to put in pairings I didn't request). Tone-wise, I know this are all kind of light comedic fandoms, but I would be completely cool with either a humorous fic or a more serious one, taking a more realistic, even bleak look.

Dislikes: Infidelity, what a downer. I'm generally a huge fan of first-person POV, and I picked shows for which I generally like the whole cast, so any unnecessary badmouthing of one character or another (when it's out of character) would bother me. Other than that, I'm pretty hard to squick or irritate. I don't really seek out intense angst, but melancholy or bittersweet stories could be awesome.

Anyways, more specific stuff:

The Simpsons
Any; I would love any and all stories about the futures of these characters- particularly Lisa and Bart's relationship, and how Maggie would grow up. Well-thought-out cameos from side characters would make me infinitely happy.
Yeah, so futurefic of any stripe would be pretty awesome, but I really love Lisa and Bart's back-and-forth relationship, where they mostly hate each other but have moments of like, solidarity against their crazy parents and crazy world, so I would kind of like to see how that plays out as they mature (or I guess just grow up, in Bart's case), and Maggie's response to growing up having missed 20-some seasons of mutual adventures. Interactions with the regular townsfolk too would be amazing- Apu, Sideshow Bob, Chief Wiggum, or anyone else you particularly like!

She's The Man
Olivia Lennox/Viola Hastings; I would really like to see if and how Viola and Olivia could recover a relationship after Viola's gender is revealed- friendship would be great, romance would be awesome.
I loved Viola and her badass, crazy schemes in this movie, and her flirting with Duke, but I always felt kind of sad for Olivia being shoved off on Sebastian, whom she has no real relationship with. So any post-movie fic where Viola and Olivia can restore their friendship would be amazing- I definitely ship them, though not exclusively, so if you're down with femslash, I would be pretty happy. (This also kind of gets an infidelity-pass, as long as it ends mostly happily for all parties!)

The Middleman (tv)
Any; I mainly want to see interaction between Wendy, Lacey, and the Middleman, in whatever form that takes- plotty adventures, romantic intrigue (though with at least moderately happy endings), or otherwise good times! Shenanigans around Wendy and the Middleman trying to keep their job secret from Lacey (and failing!) would make me really happy.
Yeah, again, I would be down for happy threesome times, but if that's not your thing, gen would and will be awesome. I love humorous takes on classic cliches like people trying to hide secret occupations, so anything along those lines would be really good, but if you go that route I would want to see Lacey actually find out at some point (and the fallout). Speculation on the Middleman's background would be fun but not totally necessary. But I love Wendy and Lacey's BFF-ship, and the Middleman's awkward but sincere care for both of them, so I guess no world-ending, relationship-destroying angst, please!

How I Met Your Mother
Lily Aldrin-Eriksen/Marshall Eriksen; I love the whole ensemble so any story you'd really like to tell would be amazing, but I'd totally love any focus on Lily and Marshall's relationship and how ridiculously adorable and in-tune they are with each other.
Lily and Marshall: I love them, I love their injokes, I love everything about who they are together. Backstory on them in college with Ted, or shenanigans with the current gang, would both be great, or them trying to hide things from each other and totally failing to fight properly. Others things I like but aren't 100% necessary: brunch, or Lily and Robin hanging out, or the way they sometimes kind of mama-and-papa bear the others and strategize and collaborate (kind of ominously) to fix other people's problems because they're kind of obnoxiously self-righteous and into other people's business.

Anyways, thank you so much in advance, I am so excited for a story in any of these fandoms!

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