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Just got back from vacation to North Carolina- internet access was kind of spotty, so sorry if I missed any important posts! I hiked until my blisters were whining about blisters, and then hiked more, so I am pretty much going to spend tonight soaking my feet in warm water and whimpering. But it was a ridiculously good time so I can't and won't complain.

I'm working at a law firm now, doing paralegal stuff for an attorney who does divorces and child custody cases for the state. My fifth summer there and it's still KIND OF DEPRESSING :( But I just stole a bike off my friend who's leaving for university for the rest of the summer, so I'm going to try to soak in some sunshine and maybe work up to some real trails and such. I biked for the first time today since I was a little kid on a bike with colored streamers, and my legs are wobbly but I feel better about all those peanut butter cookies I just ate. Ultimate goal: to be able to bike to work! It's only a bit under five miles, but there's a bunch of hills and busy streets, so, you know, MAYBE.

OH, and I just finished Dexter S3. JIMMY SMITS. Unbelievable. This season was just brutal and fabulous and Deb and Rita were amazing, as always, and LaGuerta actually seemed to have some sort of consistent characterization for once, and more importantly, Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits just kicked ridiculous ass. I was much more interested in Deb this season but I think that mostly had to do with how much I liked her haircut.