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Things are settling down! I think I might just be a high-stress person, because looking over the last two weeks, they haven't really involved that much work, but I'm feeling a deep sense of relief anyway, so, you know, yikes.

My honours application is in, after sending my supervising professor definitely enough emails to justify a harassment suit on her part, and now I just have to wait on an acceptance before I can register for the proper classes. One of the required classes is full right now, actually, which is kind of freaking me out even though I'm 90% sure at least one person will drop and I will be able to snatch up a spot, or the professor will be helpful and let me in anyways. Also, I have no idea when or how they send out acceptances, as in now or in September, and it's making me nervous and stupid.

Also making me nervous: moving! We found a new apartment and have submitted the first application forms, but he hasn't called back about the lease proper, and our lease starts (if we get the place) in mid-June and I haven't called a mover yet, which is unfortunate because about half the city packs up and moves around that time. Also, my roommate keeps threatening to leave the city around then, and I refuse to move his stuff. God, this is all such pointless anxiety.

Much better news: I have a date, on Saturday, with a pretty decent guy, who of his own volition sent me a couple of Y: the Last Man comics, which I think is a pretty good sign. We're seeing Up, which looks cute, and IDK, it should be good, I'm kind of psyched. And last night I watched Trust the Man with a couple of newish friends and had chocolate fondue with various types of fruit, which is my definition of absolute bliss. I'm going to make chocolate-covered-everything I have in the house this weekend, I have decided.

And Latin is going fine, although it's getting much faster and I am really counting on these six credits worth of 4.0, so I'm stressing out about that too. Not that anybody can tell, since I have a quiz tomorrow and a midterm on Monday and I'm watching CM and catching up on my flist and just dicking around. Wow, this is not even a charmingly whiny post; it is just whiny.

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lol rong, it's charmingly whiny bb. I'm sure your supervising prof will choose to think of you as "dedicated to academics girl" instead of "scary harassment girl." :D And people drop required classes all the time, we both know this. And does it really matter when they send out acceptances since you got in~~? ♥

OOOH MOVING EXCITING lol montreal. Tell your roommate that if he leaves you'll give all his stuff to the hobos. Wait, does Montreal have hobos? Or is it all Hell's Angels there? I can never remember. :/

A dude who sends you YTLM comics is decent by definition. I hope it goes well. :D


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"Dedicated", "stalker": they are definitely becoming a little too close this summer. Anyways, I haven't gotten in yet, thus the anxiety, but ty for the reassurances (about everything, actually). ♥♥♥

I think we have both! But I think the hobos would appreciate his stuff more, as I presume Hell's Angels can afford nicer shit. I think? I'm not up on my Hell's Angels info.

He seems cool. And hopefully 100000000000000000000000x better than my last incredibly awkward date, the one with the guy who worked at the movie theatre I can never go back to?

Oh god, iawtc DECLENSIONS >:( so goddamn hard. I don't have room for all this in my brain! I am losing valuable information to make room for them, like how to ties my shoes and shit. :(

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Stalkers have a sort of single-minded intensity that I sometimes envy. :( lol np bb, uno deep in your heart it'll be fiiiiine.

Trufax. Donate it to the Salvation Army? :D?

D: terror.

Latin is fun and nice until it starts acting crazy and decides that there are four kinds of neuter noun. >:(