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Look, I'm updating!

1) I had a date last night that fizzled out incredibly awkwardly, but fizzled out which is the important thing! I just kind of agonized about getting into something I didn't want to and went home relieved. And I saw Race to Witch Mountain, which was cute, and observed that Dwayne Johnson does really cute little-kid-movie-comedy face.

2) I haven't caught up on the last few SPN episodes, which is sad. Classes end April 14, my last final's April 29, and that's pretty much when I'll get around to that, I suspect.

3) AVATAR, though. OH MY GOD. I LOVE THEM ALL. AND TOPH ESPECIALLY AND SOKKA AND KATARA AND ALLLLLL OF THEM. Only halfway through season two but oh my god, I want to hug this show and feed it and keep it close forever.

4) Fuck, I always feel like I should rec something or have real fandom content but I haven't got any. Uh, is an awesome program and everyone should do it with me. My shoulders hurt :(

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