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I've been so absent lately, it's pathetic. IDK, school happens, and this term it's happening all over my weekends. I think I'm going to take a two-month introductory Latin course over the summer, so that I can A) do a classics minor next year and B) stay in Montreal as long as possible instead of heading home to my tiny suburban town.

Uh, I got a fic from [ profile] hardlygolden for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas and it's incredible. I have a giant space in my heart reserved for CPS weechester fic, and this is CPS weechester fic ramped up to a billion with an extra dose of horrifying and heart-wrenching and creepy, in the best possible way. This fic has REDEFINED THE TROPE for me, and I've reread it so many times it's probably unhealthy, and everyone on my flist who loves that sort of thing needs to go read it ASAP: and pray to god i see headlights

This season has been A+ (mostly, though I haven't seen the latest episode and don't know anything about it yet) but I really miss the dynamics of season two. All I want is fic about Dean and his daddy issues and Sam going dark-side properly. OH YES AND SAM/RUBY, IF ANYBODY HAS SOME RECS, I'M A LITTLE DESPERATE.

Criminal Minds was not new this week and I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Big Bang Theory is wonderfully mediocre, and I'm going to finish mainlining it this weekend. IDK, that's all. Back to backreading my flist. Please don't judge me for leaving comments on posts like a week old :( LOL FAILURE.

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