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I've been so absent lately, it's pathetic. IDK, school happens, and this term it's happening all over my weekends. I think I'm going to take a two-month introductory Latin course over the summer, so that I can A) do a classics minor next year and B) stay in Montreal as long as possible instead of heading home to my tiny suburban town.

Uh, I got a fic from [ profile] hardlygolden for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas and it's incredible. I have a giant space in my heart reserved for CPS weechester fic, and this is CPS weechester fic ramped up to a billion with an extra dose of horrifying and heart-wrenching and creepy, in the best possible way. This fic has REDEFINED THE TROPE for me, and I've reread it so many times it's probably unhealthy, and everyone on my flist who loves that sort of thing needs to go read it ASAP: and pray to god i see headlights

This season has been A+ (mostly, though I haven't seen the latest episode and don't know anything about it yet) but I really miss the dynamics of season two. All I want is fic about Dean and his daddy issues and Sam going dark-side properly. OH YES AND SAM/RUBY, IF ANYBODY HAS SOME RECS, I'M A LITTLE DESPERATE.

Criminal Minds was not new this week and I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Big Bang Theory is wonderfully mediocre, and I'm going to finish mainlining it this weekend. IDK, that's all. Back to backreading my flist. Please don't judge me for leaving comments on posts like a week old :( LOL FAILURE.

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O HAY I HAVE MISSED YOU is that okay to say despite our not-very-lengthy acquaintance?

Latin is awesome! I did 4 years of it and it's an A++ language and very easy at first.

Ohhhh you like the season so far? :/ At least we are agreed on missing S2 dynamics. :D:

I don't post ever now except for... single sentence posts. :/

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4 years? I am always impressed with people who stick with languages. Did you end up actually able to translate Ovid and Virgil and all those dudes? *____*

I do like it! IDK, I have a really low bar, and I really like new Ruby, and if they'd just add a lot more Sam time and take out those awful crying/confessing scenes it'd be fine. Also, Monster Movie kind of makes up for every bit I haven't enjoyed. But YYYYY, they really need to get back to S2. I miss crazy John Winchester ;_;

I like your single sentence posts! I am reading them now and you are LOLARIOUS. We should make a joint vow to, you know, actually update. WHAT IS NEW IN YOUR LIFE, MY MOST EXCELLENT FRIEND?

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Oh hohohoho you think I can still do it! lol no, but in class we did Cupid & Psyche (lulzy), some Ovid, some historical accounts of Caesar and Hannibal, and some story about story about an orgy (IDEK). It was good times and now I can translate video game!latin. Still, I would rec Latin to anyone who would take another romance language like Italian or Spanish, since it makes learning it waaaaay easier once you have the Latin building blocks. ESPECIALLY ITALIAN HOMG SO EASY.

I like Ruby in theory, but I liked the old actress better than the current one so it's kind of taking away from my enjoyment of her. :/ There are a lot of things in this season I currently take issue with, to the point where I actually haven't watched the last two(?) episodes. :/

:DDDDD:! IAWTJOINT VOW. Um... what is new with me. OH OKAY so I'm taking a metaphysics class at 8:30AM. I am the person on the meme who is like "oh fuck my life my prof just asked me to define 'form' die die die it is too early" every other morning. :D:

Besides that I'm really lol boring and don't do anything interesting. I watched the old A&E miniseries for The Scarlet Pimpernel last night! And... that's pretty much it. :/ OH WAIT I DID LAUNDRY WITH MY CRUSH TODAY THAT WAS TOO EXCITING!! I tried getting into CM but I found it sort of boring despite my love of its badfic. :(

Like you said, school is happening.

wow that was a really long comment. sry bb D:

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THAT IS AWESOME. I have a ridiculous love for Ovid and old guys writing boring things (THOUGH LOLOLOLOL ANCIENT ORGIES?) and I have always wanted to take Italian/Spanish/a little French would be useful right now too. ONE DAY LOLOL :/ Though two months of nothing but Latin might be crazy. Don't be surprised if I end up pitifully crying for help. DDDDD:

IL NEW RUBY AND YOU ARE A FOOL >:( But YYYYY, this season is clearly inferior to the Supernatural of yore. DD on your least favorite bits?

OMG I READ YOUR METAPHYSICS COMMENTS AND THEY MAKE ME D: FACE EVERY TIME. THAT SHIT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ANY HOUR, NVM ABSURD HOURS OF THE MORNING! >:( I used to love doing laundry in the dorms just for that reason. Sometimes it was the most sociable part of my day. DD ON THIS CRUSH, THOUGH! I will live vicariously through you :(

I can't read CM badfic at all! I keep trying but it makes me cringe and long for the show. We are two ships passing in the night ;_;


see the problem is I have no frands who have time to listen to me now ;_;

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My Latin teacher was this little old lady who made us read this story about some guy who got turned into a donkey by the gods, and then at the end of our group translating someone realized that the story was set in another story. So as a group we were like, "What's the other story about?" and she told us it was a "*AHEM* romanbacchanalianfestivalcoughcoughcough" and I was like "LOLOLOL ORGY OMG LET'S TRANSLATE IT" so we did.

I took Italian last semester and it was A++ and I wish I rememebered any of it beyond "ciao!". :( LOL DON'T WORRY YOU'LL BE FINE

D: least favourite bits: any time Dean pulls the car over to cry while Sam looks on and doesn't hug him or do anything other than :( at him. LAME. Basically, I am not thrilled with how the show has become a giant neverending session of "DEAN'S PAIN: LET US SHOW IT TO YOU." I liked Sam back when he was still a character. I think they're wasting the potential of the season's story arc with stupid MoW episodes and lame flashback eps we should/could have gotten back in S1 or 2 or even 3. Also: not enough :|-faced angels. >:(

LOLOLOL INORITE? But as much as I shit-talk the class I sekritly love it. :D:

OH OKAY so my crush is a second-year RA in my res. He is two years younger than me and an inch shorter and auuuugh he's so cute it hurts. I had Art History 1 with him last semester, and essentially stalked him the entire time without his knowing. Then I randomly asked him out to a movie and he turned me down 'cause he had work to do, but we started talking and that was nice because I got to sit next to him in class (!!!). On the day of the final exam I told him I thought he was ridiculously adorable (YES I ACTUALLY SAID THAT IRL TO HIS FACE) and gave him my number. He never called but IDC because a) I ACTUALLY GAVE A BOY MY NUMBER and b) I got over it. But I still see him around now and we chat and today he was so cute! He had on cream-coloured cords and a purple shirt and stupid Adidas flip-flops auuuuugh. *covers face* :DDDDDDDD:



lolol my frands just think i'm boring (and i am!)

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LOLOLOL that Latin story sounds really cute until you get to the orgy! I hope I have a nice little-old-lady Latin teacher. Also, "Roman Bacchanalian Festival" is kind of an amazing euphemism.

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to everything about this season. Sam has just kind of disappeared as a person, and that makes Dean disappear too because so much of him is about obsessing over his brother. YOU CAN'T HAVE ONE-SIDED CODEPENDENCY! And also there should be SO MANY MORE EPISODES ABOUT SAM GOING ~EVIL~. I HATE HATE HATE how they keep dangling that there (SERIOUSLY. THEY HAVE BEEN STRINGING IT OUT FOR FOUR SEASONS NOW) and then backing off. And you're right, there has been a DISTINCT LACK of :|-faces lately.

I am actualfax dazzled by your bravery (*____*), and you still chat! And he sounds adorable! And he does laundry, which I take to mean he is hygienic AS WELL AS adorable! A+++ CRUSH!

OH GOD. I talked to this guy at a party while intoxicated (read: BLIND DRUNK) and gave him my number and met up with him a few days later and he had A GOLD PIMP CHAIN and SERIOUSLY EXCESSIVE CHEST HAIR and I D: faced in horror and escaped. AND THAT IS THE CLOSEST I'VE GOTTEN TO A LOVE LIFE IN FOREVER.


we can be boring together!

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I hope you do too, bb! Or at least a teacher who's really into the language, that always helps. :Db

INORITE? Way to break something that wasn't broken, PTB! Lame. TBH I'd be tempted to say Sam's never going evil, but since it's SPN I'll bet that he'll go evil in the third-to-last episode and then Dean will save him in the finale and it'll be stupid because we won't care anymore. SPN is all about doing a season's worth of shit in two episodes. lol WORST PACING EVER.

They've been dangling a lot of stuff and haven't reeeeally delivered on any of it IMO. SPN is so good at being mediocre now it's not even funny. :/

lol the only reason I could do it at all was because I knew that if he was a jerkface about it I could easily kick his ass. :D: sadfax: he has a weird muppet voice. Like, an actualfax weird muppet voice. It is hilarious. And sad. But at least I can always hear him coming when he's on patrol so I can look appropriately cool-slash-casual? :D: Who am I kidding, I always look like an Oreo-scarfing lol fatty hobo whenever he's on patrol.



our rl frands will be so jealous

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OH GOD that is horrifying but so plausible. DAMN IT, SPN WRITERS, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. I don't want to be that old person going "YEAH BACK IN THE OLDEN DAYS EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME AND VEGETABLES TASTED LIKE CANDY" but I really thought seasons 1&2 were well-paced and adeptly done. And then last season's arc was pathetic and I loyally blamed it on the writer's strike, and this season has just been not good. But I am actually enjoying a lot of the MoW and flashback episodes, so I will just mediocre on through.

LOLOLOLOLOL MUPPET VOICE! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Y, it would be hard to find that threatening. You should offer him an Oreo! It would be the #1 way to seduce me, at least :D:

NOBODY FLASHES TOO MUCH CHEST HAIR LIKE GASTON! But this guy came close, especially he was really pasty and gross instead of buff and manly. Why yes, Gaston is my ideal man.


SO jellus omg

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S1 was enjoyably un-srsbzns until the finale, at which point it became srsly awesome. S2 was probably the best the show has ever been and ever will be. I have successfully blocked out S3 and S4 is so far good when it's good and horrific when it's not. :/ I kinda think the MoW/flashback episodes, no matter how good, aren't adding anything to the season since the current arc is supposed to be IMPORTANT and WORLD-SHAKING and OCCURRING RIGHT NOW. So instead of seeing a whole bunch of stuff that could be awesome, they're just feeding us material we should have found out back when we still gave a shit. I mean, yaaay Winchesters in school! But I would have dug that way back when it was still relevant. :(

My floormate suggested that but I comfort-ate them before he came back. :(

Oh my god that's so gross and hilarious. Pasty AND hairy AND blinged-out. NOBODY'S YOUR IDEAL MAN LIKE GASTON!


Re: SO jellus omg

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IAWTWHOLE SUMMARY OF ALL THE SEASONS. Though this last episode (which I just finished) was kind of A++ in calling back old dynamics and stuff, and still fitting in with this season. LOL PATHETIC RATIONALIZING :(

A whole bag of Oreos >>>>>>>>>>>> human relationships! TOTALLY TRUFAX! Also, I'm about ten seconds from running out to the depanneur for cookies right now. OM NOM NOM :DDD:

LOLOLOLOL &panda; But I don't have any good pictures for you except this terrible cap:


Re: SO jellus omg

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lol it's okay bb, spn has taught us to rationalize. I continue to watch Smallville when I can, soo... yeah. I really have no room to talk about bad tv. :/


lololol srsly, what the fuck is he wearing? Did he go to the Adrian Pasdar School of Dressing Yourself & Doing Other Things Good Too or something?

wait is that jenny? D: