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I'm already totally bogged down in school work, but 1) my subletter's nice, quiet and polite, which either means I got lucky or all that fervent praying worked, 2) I just received the best NYR fic ever, hands-down. Completely a surprise to see this in my inbox, and I basically haven't stopped rereading it since.

Yearning to Be Learning How to Fly
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Penny gen, by the amazing [ profile] etothepii

Her first boyfriend is because when she's in the 8th grade, Penny doesn't know how to say no.

Devon is two years older than her, because he got held back a year. Twice. He grabs her arm and pulls her into the shadows behind the main school building, and he says, "You'll be my girlfriend, right?"

She thinks, you smoke in the bathrooms during class, and she remembers, they say you almost got expelled because you punched a teacher last year. But what she says is, "I like you..." and before she can say "but", he's grinning and pressing a bruising kiss against her mouth.

Hands-down best Penny backstory I've read. What an awesome surprise.

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