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I got my Yuletide assignment! My recipient wrote out awesome prompts. I am nervous but very excited.

That's pretty much all I wanted to say, so here is an extremely short 4x08 coda/drabble.

Untitled, 242 words

Dean doesn't flinch at the dead bodies anymore.

Sure, he'll make the right noises, cover his nose and mouth and turn away, but the flicker of horror, the double-take no hunter ever grows out of- Dean's grown out of it.

In Colorado, they see a man with his head split open, crushed against a wall by a giant snake-creature. In Texas, two women with their tongues, noses, and livers ripped out, for a binding ritual. In Alabama, a whole family- parents and kids- just a pile of limbs. Burn victims, flesh charred and flaking off what's left.

Dean doesn't flinch, not anymore.

Sam's not going to press him on Hell. Doesn't really want to know, if he's honest. Wants to rip Lilith's head off her body- wasn't lying about that- but doesn't want to know what makes Dean whimper in his sleep, his feet kicking against the sheets, his hands fisted but not moving, like Dean still thinks they're held down.

Dean's protecting him, and when Sam is honest with himself, he's grateful, for once, that Dean would throw himself in front of a speeding train for him.

Instead, he just keeps the glove compartment stocked with whiskey, and lets Dean bear his silence. It's a bad habit, the drinking, but it hasn't impaired him on a job yet, and Sam's not going to take away Dean's only crutch, not when it's still his fault that he let Dean go to Hell.

but the drinking

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is gonna screw up his reflexes and his judgment, and its not gonna stop the memories...just blur them a bit...and when its the next morning, they'll still be there...

oh man, there's got to be a way to help him heal...its so damn unfair...

Re: but the drinking

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Aw, Dean. Yeah, I agree, I don't think the drinking's going to help. Thanks for commenting!

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Oh man. I've had this open in a tab in Chrome all day, and I still don't know what I could say that would be awesome enough. I love how spare and precise your writing is, and how complicated the characters are. You really really do some awesome things with very few words.

doesn't want to know what makes Dean whimper in his sleep, his feet kicking against the sheets, his hands fisted but not moving


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Is it really lame to say that comments from you make me about ten times happier about my fic? It IS super lame but I said it anyway.