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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Santa,

I'm so excited! I know my requests were super-short so I thought I'd expand, in case you wanted more detailed prompts.

Um, some of my general likes and dislikes: I love backstory, people secretly pining, dysfunctional relationships with happy endings, funny stories, serious stories, smutty stories, women who are well-adjusted and mostly happy, casual not-world ending romances, strong friendships, outsider POV. I also enjoy slash, femslash, het and gen, so feel free to include any of the above (and feel free to put in pairings I didn't request, even as the main pairing. I'm not really too involved in any one pairing in these fandoms, so adding something like Lacey/Middleman wouldn't bother me at all, as long as you focused on the Wendy-Lacey dynamic.)

Dislikes: Well, I picked shows for which I generally like the whole cast, so any unnecessary demonization of one character or another (when it's out of character) would bother me. Other than that, I'm pretty hard to squick or irritate.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Dr. Horrible runs into a dispirited Captain Hammer.
I'm interested in anything after the credits rolled, though missing scenes would be great too. I don't really see them having a schmoopy, uncomplicated romantic relationship, but other than that I'd love any look at how they'd interact after Penny's death, with Dr. Horrible's regret. Pluses: Dr. Horrible's future adventures with the evil league, hatesex if you're interested in writing it, cameos from any of the side characters. Also, I know it doesn't fit with my prompt, but Penny backstory of any kind would be awesome (feel free to do this instead!)

The Middleman
Any interaction- romantic or friendly- between Wendy and Lacey.
Oh, Wendy and Lacey. I love their friendship so much, and the clear sense of a long and close history. Backstory would be amazing, or missing scenes, or just hanging out together after Wendy comes home from another harrowing adventure, or even casually starting a romance. I love the whole cast of this show, too, so again, Middleman-Tyler-Noser-Ida,etc. cameos would be fantastic but not totally necessary. Feel free to go smutty, too. A Middleman/Lacey/Wendy threesome that isn't full of angst would be awesome but not required, if that's not your thing. This is the only fandom on my list where I'm not sure I'd really love a deeply angsty fic, but if you think you can do it well, that would probably still be great.

Rachel Getting Married
Anything! Backstory, post-movie, anything focusing on the sisters would be wonderful.
I loved the focus on family in this movie, so backstory would be particularly awesome, anything exploring how Kym and Rachel interacted growing up. Incest would be interesting, but obviously not required at all. That said, I would also be very happy to see how the events of the movie changed their relationship. I can't see Kieran and Kym having a perfect, easy relationship, but other than that I'd like to see any of the side characters- Kieran, Sidney, their dad, Emma.

Ten Inch Hero
Priestly ditches the Banana Republic look. No Tish-bashing, please, even if they aren't together.
Enjoyed the movie, wasn't so sure about the ending they gave Priestly. I liked Tish, and I liked Tish and Priestly together, but a (mostly) amicable breakup would be fine. The story doesn't necessarily have to focus on Priestly deciding to go back to his old look- if you start the story off with him already having reverted, I'll totally buy it and enjoy wherever you take him. Backstory would be a plus as well. And again, I liked the whole cast, so cameos from any of the other characters would be welcomed.

Thank you again, mystery writer! I'm going to be so happy to get whatever you write.

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