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Master Fic List

All right, this is a bit useless now since it's still all linked to LJ rather than DW, so to find my fic you can either look below to go to LJ, use the tags on the right to read on here, or read my fic here at the AO3!

Folly. Sam/Dean, NC-17.
Coda to 3x01- "The Magnificent Seven"- Dean's pissed off and pissing Sam off.

Where There's Smoke. Sam/Dean, NC-17.
Dean doesn't pick up when Bobby calls. He's not sure if Bobby knows what Sam did to get him out of hell, but he's sure as fuck not taking any chances.

The Apple Tree. Sam/Dean, NC-17.
When Dean realizes he can read minds, the first thing he does is double check that the waitress he's pretty sure is eyeing him isn't into any funny business.

Prime of Life. Sam/Dean/Bela, NC-17.
Bela joins up with Sam and Dean a few months before their deals come due. There are a few perks.

Trouble Sleeping.
John/Mary, R/NC-17
"Don't, John," says Mary, laughing. It echoes in the empty parking lot.

Cicatrice Road.
Dean/Kaylee, Firefly crossover, PG
Kaylee's only loved one other man besides Simon: notorious thief, ladies' man, and space cowboy Dean Winchester.

Other People's Lives
Jo gen, R
Jo lost her virginity when she was fifteen, back against the wall outside the roadhouse, legs spread as far as they would go despite the tight confines of her jeans around her ankles.

A Race Around the Earth
Sam, Ruby, gen. Mild 4x01 spoilers. 2200 words, R
When Ruby gets a chance to look at a newspaper, she realizes it's only sixteen days that Sam's been without his brother. The follow-up story about the fires still burning in New Harmony, Indiana, is buried on page five.

Walking Down a Dead End
Sam/Dean, 2,650 words, PG-13
"Split up?" Dean had said, wiping the grease from his tacos onto a napkin. "Like, you wanna go talk to her girlfriend while I break into the storage building?"

Hit Me From Below
Sam/Dean, 1,777 words, NC-17
Coda to 4x07
"How's your head?" Dean asks when he comes in, throwing his keys onto the side table, avoiding Sam's eyes.

Goes Down Easy
Sam/Dean, 2,515 words, NC-17
So here’s the thing Dean hates about Sam’s new powers: sometimes he just feels a little bit useless.

Natural Disaster
Sam/Dean, 2,800 words, R
“No, don’t – seriously, Sam, for the love of freaking god, don’t touch that- aw, shit. Goddamnit, Sam!” Dean said, brushing Sam’s bangs out of his own eyes.

Gossip Girl
These Eyes Will See. Chuck/Nate, NC-17.
Pre-series. This is what Chuck and Nate do:

She's the Man
Map and Track. Olivia/Viola, R.
Viola ends up transferring to Illyria under her real name. Olivia knows this because she sees her sometimes in the halfway, walking by, tucked under Duke's arm or jogging along besides him, usually laughing.

Say I Love to Play. Shawn/Gus, PG-13.
"I believe the correct term is a gaggle," Shawn said, peering under a row of seats in the empty movie theater.

Iron Man
Kindhearted Woman Blues. Tony/Pepper, PG-13.
Six months after he introduces Iron Man to the whole world, Tony goes through a phase in which he only sleeps with men.

Star Trek Reboot
Hand Over Fist.
girl!Kirk/Uhura, 6,950 words, NC-17.
Kirk’s supposedly some kind of genius. Nyota’s never taken a class with her – they’d managed to skip entirely different gen eds, and Kirk had turned up a year after her anyway – but she’s got friends in the command concentration, and they’ve said that Kirk screws up the curve in every course she takes.

The Middleman
The Person of Interest Intersection.
Wendy/Lacey, 2,050 words, R
Wendy's pretty good at hiding her secret double life. Normally. Not however, on this occasion, when the secret double life she's slowly starting to really adjust to means she has to come home at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon covered - not 'dripped on,' not 'slightly sodden,' but drenched - in blue slime that glows in a distinctly extraterrestrial way.