May. 7th, 2009

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Hey flist! I have pretty much finally emerged from last semester, having clawed my way to the surface via long hours spent in the fetal position on the floor of the library. I got a four -day summer break and now I'm taking an intensive intro to Latin class in the interest of both starting and finishing a classics minor in one school year. It's pretty pathetic that I've taken two years of Latin and yet remember nothing, but it's a good time and an excuse to stay in sunny Montreal for the summer.

SUMMER. Oh my god. I'm going to catch up on my flist and write fic (WRITE FIC! I have written nothing in six months. I don't even want to write anything. The only show I watch with any particular attention is the Simpsons. BART/MRS. KRABAPPEL TOTALLY NOT IRONIC OTP) and see SUNLIGHT. SO EXCITED.

Oh, also, I know I have some hardcore J. Ackles fans on my flist- I'm looking for a really old picture of him. It's some kind of candid, on set for something pre-Supernatural (I think), he's in a white t-shirt, and his hair is slicked back really dorkily. I could probably go vaguer, SOMEHOW. Let me know if this sounds familiar?


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